Introducing Sports Illustrated Front Row

And now, for our next number… We’re pushing the boundaries yet again this week, with the launch of Sports Illustrated Front Row, a free app that gives you the best seats in the house—at virtually every major sporting event. Here’s how it works:  Download the app and follow your teams through the NCAA Tournament. Sports Illustrated’s award-winning photographers will be there, shooting every game; they’ll beam their pictures from courtside, to our crack photo editors in New York, who will curate the best of the bunch, crop them and caption them, and quickly send them off to you. You’re welcome.

For the geeks like me among you, here’s the most interesting part. Sports Illustrated Front Row is now available on virtually any device. Android phones? Check—we’re running an Adobe Air app that works across most of them. The iPhone? You bet—find Sports Illustrated Front Row at Apple’s App Store.  The Samsung Galaxy and other 7-inch tablets. We’ve got you covered—hit the Android Marketplace. We’re on the iPad as well, via a cool partnership with the wizards at Flipboard, who’ve created a special channel and layout for us, complete with Tweets from our writers and other notables in the field. And finally, if you want to follow the action on your laptop or desktop, be sure to download Snapshot, our Chrome app, which will be featuring the best playoff pics of the day. This is all part and parcel of Sports Illustrated’s plan to be everywhere, and on every device imaginable. (Check out our All Access digital magazine subscription offer, if you haven’t already.)

Best of all, Sports Illustrated Front Row is the gift that keeps on giving. From The Masters to the World Series, and Wimbledon to the Super Bowl, it’s game on. Be sure to sign up for notifications and alerts after you download the app to get the heads up on our next event—and to find out when your seat is ready.

- Josh Quittner


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