The NFL’s meanest player: James Harrison wins in a landslide vote

SI PLAYERS NFL POLL (from this week’s Oct. 17 issue, on newsstands now)

Who is the meanest player in football? (page 19)

  1. James Harrison, Steelers LB….35%
  2. Ray Lewis, Ravens LB….15%
  3. Ndamukong Suh, Lions DT….5%
  4. Richard Seymour, Raiders DT….4%

[Based on 287 NFL players who responded to SI’s survey]

FAST FACTS: No, commissioner Roger Goodell did not have a vote, but Harrison, the NFL’s most-fined player of 2010, was still the runaway winner. (And getting sidelined indefinitely with an orbital fracture on Oct. 2 isn’t likely to mellow him.) Sixty-eight players were named at least once, with linebackers (13) leading the way. Four QBs each got a single nod, as did the Lions’ Jason Hanson, who must be one ornery kicker. In a Facebook poll, Suh (40%) led Lewis (31%) and Harrison (23%). No one else was above 1%.


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