SI’s Article Outtakes: Additional quotes from Phil Taylor’s interview with Doug Flutie on Tim Tebow

For his Point After column on Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow, senior writer Phil Taylor talked to another former Heisman Trophy winner who many experts believed would never be successful in the NFL, Doug Flutie. According to Flutie, the skepticism about unorthodox quarterbacks is just as strong as it was 25 years ago. Among the quotes Taylor collected from Flutie, in addition to those used in his column:

“Everybody wants to tell you what Tebow can’t do, instead of looking at all the things he can. It’s ridiculous. The Colts were 3-13 in Peyton Manning’s first year, but they gave him time to develop. Tebow won’t get that time. Lots of quarterbacks struggle early in their careers, but people make a final judgment on guys like him much earlier. They’re just looking for a reason to dismiss him and say, ‘He can’t play.’ ”

“Intangibles really do exist. He’s won at every level, he’s a competitive son of a gun and his teammates seem to raise their level of play when he’s in the game. Why is their such resistance to giving someone like that a full, honest chance?”

“One of the things that happened for me was because of my athleticism and ability to run, a lot of defenses assigned a linebacker to shadow me. By doing that, it opened up our run game because there was one less linebacker to block. The same would be true for Tebow. I’ll bet you that when he’s in the game, the yards per carry will go up for the running backs. It’s not just a coincidence that his teams seem to play better when he’s on the field.”

“People say his throwing motion isn’t fundamentally sound. Well, Bernie Kosar threw sidearm. Dan Marino kind of pushed the ball. Randall Cunningham had an elongated delivery like Tebow’s. There’s more than one way to be a good quarterback. I wonder when NFL people are really going to open their minds to that.”


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