Washington, D.C. Threatens to Break Out as a Sports Giant, and RG3 is Rallying the Redskins

Robert Griffin III is already the unquestioned leader of Redskins Nation, but like so many other newcomers to D.C., he faces massive expectations in a jaded, hope starved city

It’s alive again. The cocky vibe, the capital pulse. From the Maryland and Virginia burbs to the heart of D.C., the Redskins are exciting again, and Washington fans have waited 20 years for a good football team. Just the idea of RG3 is enough to make D.C. natives happy. Four years after President Obama came into town with ideas of hope and change, here comes another black man to lead the melting pot of Washington believers – and last NFL team to integrate – to a brighter future (page 52). Even former D.C. mayor Marion Barry is onboard, saying, “I think they’ve been cursed, until this year.

Former SI Cover boy, Robert Griffin III has brought high hopes and excitement about pro sports back  to the Beltway. S.L. Price dives into D.C.’s melting pot of fans and comes to find that just the idea of RG3 is enough to make D.C. natives like Gwen Brock happy. “He gives us hope, the most hope I’ve felt in ten years,” Brock says. Even Mayor Vincent Gray says that the Redskins’ performance has had a “huge unifying and catalytic effect,” and fully supports the building of a new stadium, saying that “the Washington Redskins should be in Washington.” For the first time in years, people are singing, as one, about fighting “for old D.C.” again.

Washington Redskins CB, Josh Wilson, agrees that RG3 might be the change Washington fans can believe in: “It’s been a while since we felt like we did in the mid-‘90s, but after that first game? That was the feeling. That’s what this town felt like every week.”


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