The New Mobile Experience

Sports has never been more in the spotlight than it is today, and more than ever, fans and readers alike are demanding mobile experiences to fit their lives. That’s why Sports Illustrated is proud to announce the latest addition to our stable of offerings:  A new, improved, industry-leading mobile experience. Starting today, sports fans visiting mobile will enjoy a faster, more intuitive, and visually compelling experience, encouraging fan dialogue and tailored to modern browsers, touchscreens, and on-the-go reading experiences.

The experience starts at the top, with a touch-friendly slider designed to highlight our top stories. Browse through them, and then scroll down the page with a flick to access real-time scores, top news items, photo and video galleries, and the deep roster of award-winning Sports Illustrated writers.

But deep analysis, opinion, and observation are just the start of our mobile experience. The sports fan craves information — instantly — and our sortable scores and team standings provide up-to-the-second access with just a touch. And for the millions of sports fans who can’t always be at the game or in front of a TV, the new mobile site now includes Sports Illustrated’s Gameflash technology, an auto-updating data visualization tool that provides near real time updates, including play-by-play, pitch type, and drive charts. With, sports fans will never be far from the action.

So what’s under the hood? Our new mobile site blends background automation with a flexible CMS to better synchronize Sports Illustrated’s mobile and web properties. User comments flow seamlessly between our mobile and desktop sites via Sports Illustrated’s Livefyre-powered commenting tool, creating one commenting stream across platforms. What’s more, the SI team accomplished all of this in just four months, with the help of our partners at Turner and Voce

Sports Illustrated is pleased to have Lexus as our launch partner for the new mobile mobile. Ad placements include home page, section and story banners, along with interstitial units in photo galleries and video pre-roll.

So grab your phone, hit the road, and take a look. We’ll think you like what you see. Tweet us your thoughts at @SInow.  We’ll be on the lookout for your feedback.

-  Matt Bean (@mattbean1), Managing Editor, & Jim DeLorenzo, VP and General Manager,


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