SI Exclusive: Davis Love III on the Ryder Cup Disaster

Love’s Story

Mayhem at Medina might have been a more fitting title for the U.S.’s shocking 14 ½ -13 ½ loss in the Ryder Cup (page 49).

By the end of the weekend, the Ryder Cup had its best ratings since 1999, the “U-S-A” chants could be heard worldwide, and three former presidents had congratulated the team on their accomplishments. But the reality is, Team USA still lost and its captain, Davis Love III, is the only one who can tell you what went wrong.

Love III on the duties of being a captain: “To me, a big part of the captain’s job is to help people have a dream week.  A bigger part of the captain’s job is to put on  a show on TV that will make people want to take up this great game. The biggest part of the captain’s job is to win, and I lost.”


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