The Homecoming Seen Around the World: Brooklyn is Back

The Journeymen Nets Return to Where the Passion for Urban Hoops was Born

Four decades after Rick Telander chronicled Brooklyn’s vibrant street basketball scene, he returned to the borough that spawned generations of schoolboy legends (not to mention legendary characters) and finally has an NBA team of its own. On the cover of this week’s Sports Illustrated, on newsstands now, is the leader of the next generation, Deron Williams, ushering in the new era of Brooklyn sports while wearing his black and white jersey with retro-fresh logo, designed by Jay-Z himself.

In the issue Telander guides us through the historic streets to the new heart of the town, the Barclays Center, home of the Brooklyn Nets. He reminds us that the urban passion for hoops was born here, dubbing it “the cradle of the city game.” The Knicks may have overshadowed Brooklyn as the professional basketball team in a major metropolis, but Telander writes, “Brooklyn has more hoops heritage in its parks than Harlem, the Bronx, West 4th St., Philly, Chicago, L.A., anywhere.”


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