Mourning Glory

Chris Ballard Explores the Seemingly Impossible Dream of Williamsport High

Deep in the heart of Maryland, not far from Baltimore and Washington, there was another story of baseball magic, this one mixed with tragedy- two deaths, three years apart- that ended with the realization of a seemingly impossible dream.

When Coach David Warrenfeltz was hired to lead the Williamsport baseball program in 2011, some of the locals grumbled – at 23, he was inexperienced and not much older than the players. Warrenfeltz found his way to coaching after experiencing heartache three years ago when his boyhood friend, Nick Adenhart, was killed by a drunk driver in California the night of his best performance as a promising young major league pitcher with the Los Angeles Angels. On the night of May 5th, the town experienced the same horror again as the team’s best player, Brendon Colliflower and his girlfriend Samantha Kelly died in a car accident coming home from the school prom.  In the face of tragedy, Coach Warrenfeltz brought the town and team together and proved that he was the right man for the job (page 61).

After winning the 2A championship, Chad Colliflower recognized the significance of his son’s accident and the great leadership of Coach Warrenfeltz, “He was more than a coach to them, I don’t think they would have won the championship if it hadn’t been for the accident. There ws somethign greater going on” (page 67).

SI on NBC: Watch a segment about Zach Lucas, Brendon Colliflower and the tragedies and triumph of the Williamsport High baseball team, scheduled for Sports Illustrated, November 3rd, at 2:30 p.m. EST on NBC.


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