Triple Crown Winner Miguel Cabrera Featured on Regional Cover of Sports Illustrated

That’s a Crown Question, Bro

Miguel Cabrera may be the best hitter in baseball, but the Detroit Tigers are in the World Series because he’s an unselfish gamer who understands the team comes first. After winning the American League Triple Crown and leading his team to the American League pennant, third baseman Miguel Cabrera appears on this week’s regional cover. It marks the first time the Tigers have appeared on the cover since Justin Verlander on September 17, 2011.

He moved from first base to third base so the Tigers could sign Prince Fielder in January; he sprained his right ankle in mid-August, but waited a week to tell Detroit trainers and missed one game. While he is quick to highlight team accomplishments over his own, Cabrera’s Triple Crown season and lighter attitude have helped him shed the image he made after two alcohol-related arrests in 2009 and 2011.

Michael Rosenberg writes of Cabrera’s stretch run that was more than a Triple Crown clincher – it was a man and his bat making a mockery of the sport.

Even though the pitcher has the ball, it often seems as though Cabrera controls it. As he has perfected his game of cat-and-mouse with pitchers, the idea that he would miss a pitch completely almost offends him. He says of the rare at bats in which he strikes out: “Nothing! You didn’t do nothing. It’s not fun. Put the ball in play, please. It’s like everything’s wrong” (page 36).


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