Kansas State Quarterback Collin Klein on the Cover of This Week’s Sports Illustrated

Collin Klein First Kissed his Wife at the Altar. Collin Klein is Also One Bad Dude.

(NEW YORK – November 13, 2012) – After a victory over TCU and Alabama’s shocking loss to Texas A&M, Kansas State solidified its place as the nation’s top college football team last Saturday. Several teams are still in the BCS title hunt, but the Wildcats are No. 1 and the BCS matrix begins with Kansas State quarterback Collin Klein, whose appearance on this week’s Sports Illustrated cover marks the first SI cover appearance for a Kansas State football player.

Klein is one of the nation’s most efficient passers and a likely Heisman finalist, but Thomas Lake unearthed the 27 things you need to know about the best player on the best new team in the country in order to really understand the man and the quarterback (page 38).

Did you know…

  • Collin Klein plays piano, mandolin and violin.
  • One of his household chores as a 12-year-old involved driving a pickup to the top of “Death Hill,” a 2½-mile, 6% grade hill on his family’s Colorado property bordered by a rock face and a 150-foot cliff.
  • When he was 14, Collin Klein promised himself he would not kiss a girl until his wedding day. He kept his promise, and first kissed his wife at the altar at their wedding on July 21, 2012.


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