No Luck At All

If the Colts are a model of QB consistency, what does that make Cleveland?

If Andrew Luck’s metaphorical challenge with the Colts is to fill some huge shoes, Brandon Weeden’s challenge with the Browns is to step into a decent pair of cleats from a closet overflowing with smelly sneakers. The 11th opening day starter in 14 years for the current iteration of the Browns, Mark Bechtel writes that Cleveland’s front office is wondering: Can a 29-year-old rookie revive the team?

Weeden is not far from Peyton Manning’s spot on the rookie learning curve, having a similar record, completion percentage and total passing yards as Manning did in 1998. He has looked lost at times and is still getting the hang of the West Coast offense, which is different from what he played in college, saying: “The under-center stuff wasn’t [a difficult adjustment] at all, but the tempo was. Slowing down, getting in the huddle, verbally communicating …. If you take my offense at Oklahoma State and compare it with what I do now, there are no similarities (page 41).”


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