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15COVsmlWith an extremely emotional weekend in the NCAA tournament and the Masters being just a week away, we decided to go with three regional SI covers this week. All three are very unique and showcase the different ways we can help tell a story with beautiful photography.

The Tiger Woods cover features a fantastic shot of Tiger that actually reminded me of the classic photo of him teeing off in Augusta that we used on a SI cover way back in 2007 (click here to view that cover). Knowing that Michael Rosenberg’s story focused on how Tiger is a changed man—one who is much more comfortable with himself and treating other people better—I knew we needed to find a shot that showed him looking relaxed and at ease. And this would be a challenge since no matter how much he has changed off the golf course, he is still extremely focused and competitive on it. But once I saw this particular photo, I knew it was the one. It just had that feeling of a truly iconic image. The actual photo was taken in January in round 4 of the 2013 Farmers Insurance Tournament in Torrey Pines that Tiger won.  It shows Tiger relaxed in a perfect moment with no tension. And his back is
turned to us, which fit so well with a story that suggests he may in fact be back to his elite level. The photo also works so well since it was captured with just him. There are no fans in the shot, his caddie can’t be seen, etc.  I am really proud of this cover.

15COVlouEmotion was the key for the Louisville cover. There was no bigger story from the NCAA Tournament this past weekend that that of the horrific injury suffered by Cardinals guard Kevin Ware. Luke Winn’s story brilliantly captured the emotion behind this injury, as Ware pleaded for his teammates to go win and not worry about him. Ware also told his mother over the phone that he was OK from the hospital a few hours later. We needed a photo that captured the emotion of Ware and the one we used clearly does just that. The original horizontal image had a lot going on, with fans, coaches, and the referees, so we decided to zoom in and focus on Ware holding onto the hands of his teammates and encouraging them to win. He motivated them to compete and go on to a convincing victory. This photo tells that inspiring story.

15COVwichitaThe Wichita State cover is more of a traditional SI cover. While they claim to have no interest in being labeled a Cinderella team in Kelli Anderson’s article, the Shockers are certainly an underdog. This photo captures the jubilation of four teammates as the clock was winding down. In this moment, they knew they were headed to Atlanta for the Final Four. There’s nothing better than that. You can’t help but look at this cover and feel happy for them.

Next week will be interesting as we await who wins the NCAA Championship (Late on a Monday night as we near our weekly deadline)!

- Chris Hercik (@Chercik), Sports Illustrated Creative Director


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