This Week’s Sports Illustrated Introduces The MMQB’s New Featured Columnist—All-Pro Seattle Cornerback Richard Sherman

31COVv21_PromoflatOn Monday SPORTS ILLUSTRATED launched The MMQB (, a new, digital franchise led by award-winning SI senior writer Peter King that is devoted to NFL coverage. This week’s SI, on newsstands now, introduces one of The MMQB’s new featured columnists—Seattle All-Pro cornerback Richard Sherman. The Seahawks’ voluble star, who appears on his first SI cover, is profiled by senior writer Lee Jenkins. Sherman’s first column is also featured in this week’s SI.

“I’m excited about getting a player’s view of the game out in the media,” writes Sherman. “Hopefully it will give you an unfiltered look into my life, my team and the lives of all NFL players.” Read Sherman’s entire column here.

Jenkins chronicles Sherman’s rise from growing up as a shy, skinny kid in Compton, Calif., to a confidant motormouth who was selected in the fifth round by Seattle in the 2011 draft (a slight that still motivates him today). Jenkins says, “He is the rare player who has provoked the ire of Jim Harbaugh and Pete Carroll, who has taunted Tom Brady, who has been punched by an opponent while congratulating him on a good game.” (PAGE 48)

In just two NFL seasons Sherman has 12 interceptions—but he has also labeled Harbaugh a “bully,” called Falcons receiver Roddy White “an easy matchup”, urged Darrelle Revis on Twitter to “Get ya picks up!” and after a win over the Patriots last October, retweeted a picture of himself yapping at Brady, along with the caption, “U MAD, BRO?” “I used to tell him to quiet down,” says Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor. “Then I saw the results.” (PAGE 48)

Sherman now headlines one of the best defenses in the NFL and has become the face—and voice—of the NFL’s fiercest rivalry between his Seahawks and the defending NFC Champion 49ers, who happen to be coached by Jim Harbaugh, Sherman’s coach at Stanford. “I’m not the type to let a sleeping giant lie,” Sherman says. “I wake up the giant, slap him around, make him mad and beat him to the ground. I talk a big game because I carry a big stick.” (PAGE 48)

On why he chose to attend Stanford over local favorite USC (coached at the time by his current coach Pete Carroll): “I wanted to make a statement,” says Sherman, who finished second in his high school class with a 4.2 GPA. “It was weird. It didn’t sound right. But I had to prove it was possible: Compton to Stanford.” (PAGE 50)

Sherman says his verbose ways are all part of a plan. “It’s part of a greater scheme to get some eyes, to grow the market, to grow Seattle,” he says. “Now people are paying attention, and they’ll probably be disappointed this year because I will be a lot more reserved.” (PAGE 52)


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