The Most Powerful Man in Sports Is…

…Stan Kroenke. You had no idea, did you?

Sports’ ultimate kingpin is a humble real estate tycoon from central Missouri whose properties, from the NFL’s Rams to the Premier League’s Arsenal, are worth some $4 billion. Stan Kroenke bought his six teams for the sheer love of the games – and because they pay off. Today more than ever, the owners of sports franchises are an assortment of oddballs worthy of the Star Wars bar scene. A recent Time magazine article noted that among the inaugural Forbes 400 list in 1982, nine members owned sports teams; this year there were 32. Kroenke is not only on the Forbes list but also in the top 100. Never heard of him? He’s not bothered. Haven’t seen him quoted? That’s because he seldom does interviews. Senior writer Jon Wertheim gives an exclusive look into the world of the most powerful man in sports (page 70).


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