So, You Want to Be in SI Swimsuit… Tips from SI Swimsuit Senior Editor, MJ Day

MJ Day with 2012 SI Swimsuit Cover Model Kate Upton at the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit on Location Party in Las Vegas

One of the most exciting parts of being the editor for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit is the opportunity to discover new talent.  I have had the opportunity to work with some of the world’s best photographers, designers and models at the earliest stages of their careers.  One of the questions I’m often asked is, “How do you get into Swimsuit?”

We are SO flattered by the overwhelming interest and enthusiasm in SI Swimsuit! The Swimsuit franchise is what it is today because of the incredible talent we have been so lucky to work with.

So if you’re an aspiring model- what should you do to get into Swimsuit?  Step 1 is getting an agent.  We are always looking for new beautiful and talented models to grace SI Swimsuit and we rely on our contacts at the top modeling agencies in New York and worldwide to book our models.  Getting an agent won’t just help you get into SI Swimsuit it will open up doors with other major industry clients and can give you the professional guidance necessary to help you succeed.  When it comes to physical requirements we look for three things- a healthy body, a beautiful face and killer confidence and unlike on runways, we don’t care how tall you are!

Some of the most important people in our business are the photographers who capture our models in the most stunning ways. We look for photographers with strong fashion backgrounds and impressive portfolios. Since the photographers are a big part of the SI Swimsuit family, personality and enthusiasm is very important to our team. Interested photographers should speak with their agents about getting their portfolios to us.  If you’re just starting out in photography, consider reaching out to photographers you admire for assistantships. This is a great way to build your contacts and your portfolio.

What would the Swimsuit issue be without thousands of fashion forward swimsuits and accessories? We are always looking for swimsuits in every style, shape size, pattern and material you can imagine. A Swimsuit that flatters a woman’s body and anything that stands out from the millions (yes, millions!) of Swimsuits I’ve seen in my career will help you get called in for a shoot.  For accessories, we want to see something different, but not overpowering.  If you are a swimsuit or accessories designer who wants to be in SI Swimsuit we would LOVE to see your stuff and encourage you to email with links and details.

Most importantly, thank you for your continued interest in the future of SI Swimsuit!


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