Nick Foles: Saint Nick Comes Early

Eagles Cover 10.16

NEW YORK – (December 10, 2013) –There’s a lot of brotherly love going around in Philadelphia for Eagles quarterback Nick Foles, who appears on the regional cover of this week’s SPORTS ILLUSTRATED (12/16/13)—on newsstands NOW— and the feeling is mutual. Foles has been about as close to perfect as one can be since replacing the injured Michael Vick. Not only has he helped spark a 1–3 team to an 8–5 record, but he’s also thrown for 1,970 yards and 20 touchdowns, with just one interception. SI senior writer Michael Bamberger believes Foles has become the new leader in Philly, one that fans have quickly come to believe in. Writes Bamberger, “The 2013 Foles highlight reel includes a handful of successful bombs—nine of them TDs of 25 or  more yards—that took away our breath, as well as many, many downs of no-huddle offense that have left opposing defenses sucking for air. It includes the record-tying seven touchdowns he threw against the Raiders in Week 9. It includes the whole of his November, when he had the highest calendar-month passing rating, 152.8, in NFL history. Who knows what other gaudy numbers he’ll put up before December is over, when the Eagles’ regular season concludes in Dallas?” (Page 53)

Philly was supposed to be the place where Michael Vick redeemed himself. Over the past 4-½ years, fans vested deep reservoirs of emotion in Vick, who was trying to rebuild his career and reclaim his standing after serving 19 months in federal prison for running a dog-fighting ring. For a while it looked promising. However, injuries and Father Time have taken their toll on Vick, sidelining him during crucial moments for the franchise and opening the door for Foles. Writes Bamberger, “This whole season could easily have gone another way, and the city’s mood with it. More than the cracked bell, the Phillies, Rocky and all the rest, the football team is the thing that binds Philadelphia. This latest potential franchise quarterback, with his blond hair and XXL hands and earnest manner, is doing more for the city than he could possibly know.” (Page 53)| SI Senior Writer, Michael Bamberger


Does Michael Vick Deserve This?

Pondering Michael Vick’s Future in Football

Since returning to the NFL in 2009 Michael Vick has said and done the right things. But the battering he’s taken from pass rushers – and the changes in his game – cast doubt on his football future. Dating back to 2010, including one playoff game, Vick is a respectable 18–16 as Philadelphia’s starter, but in his last 24 starts he’s gone 10–14 with 25 interceptions and 11 lost fumbles. He’s suffered an array of injuries and missed seven starts since ’10. Now, writes Matt Gagne, it’s possible that he will miss one more, next Sunday at Washington.

One Eagle said of a particularly hard hit on Vick, “Peyton Manning would have seen that coming” (page 65).

The NFL’s fastest player: Titans RB Chris Johnson wins with 38% of the vote

SI PLAYERS NFL POLL (as it appears in the Oct. 31 issue)

Who is the fastest player in football?

  1. Chris Johnson, Titans RB….38%
  2. DeSean Jackson, Eagles WR….23%
  3. Mike Wallace, Steelers WR….12%
  4. Devin Hester, Bears WR/KR….3%
  5. Jacoby Ford, Raiders WR….3%

[Based on 316 NFL players who responded to SI’s survey]

FAST FACTS: Johnson ran a 4.24-second 40-yard dash at the NFL draft combine in 2008, the fastest mark since times became official, in 1999. Ford’s time at the 2010 combine (4.28) tied him with three other players as the second-fastest…. Michael Vick, who was voted No. 1 the last time SI polled on this subject, in 2006, was No. 6 (2%), even at age 31, and was the only QB to receive more than one vote…. Colts DE Dwight Freeney was the only lineman named more than once.


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