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Two Former NBA Stars’ Sons Are Creating Their Own Path to Stardom at Michigan

They are famous sons with different fathers, but Michigan basketball teammates Tim Hardaway Jr. and Glenn Robinson III, sons of Tim Hardaway and Glenn (Big Dog) Robinson, seem more like twins: similar builds, similar skills and similar backstories. They are not spitting images of their dads, but both are becoming big dogs in their own right, and Michael Rosenberg explores their relationships with their fathers and how childhoods surrounded by basketball helped create their own paths to stardom.

Says Glenn Robinson III of the strong bond he and his father formed over the game: “We’re always talking about basketball. I don’t think we talk very often about anything else. Sometimes I’ll look at my brother, he plays football and wrestles…What do they talk about? (page 54)


For the first time ever, fans of Sports Illustrated’s official Facebook page (www.facebook.com/SportsIllustrated) had the opportunity to submit their photos for the chance to land on the cover of Sports Illustrated. The Sports Illustrated Cover Challenge allowed fans to submit their own photos demonstrating team spirit and unbridled school passion.  Sports Illustrated editors selected a Final Four among the entries and included them on this week’s annual NCAA Tournament Preview cover, that hits newsstands today.

For nearly 60 years the cover of Sports Illustrated has defined the story of the day in sports.  Upon its release, the iconic cover image stirs a spectrum of passionate dialog, debate, celebration, criticism and for those who believe in jinxes, fear.

The annual NCAA Tournament preview issue, one of the most anticipated issues of the year, features a collection of players, mascots and fans from all 68 men’s teams and the top women’s teams.  In years past, the photos have always been captured by the capable cameras of Sports Illustrated photographers, until now.

“In December, for the first time ever, Sports Illustrated allowed fans to make the editorial selection of our iconic cover,” said Mark Mravic, assistant managing editor, Sports Illustrated.  “Now, we took it a step further, by providing fans the opportunity to actually put themselves on the cover.”

The winners are:

UNC baby: Scott McKellar’s infant son Jack McKellar


Michigan Wolverine: Dan Mickelson

Memphis cheerleader: Chris Smith’s daughter Aniston Smith

Baylor fan: Dean Sandifer










See if you can find their photos on this week’s cover here



Beginning today, the Sports Illustrated Magazine app for smartphones adds groundbreaking technology that combines a universal scan tool capable of reading all print-to-mobile-action codes and an enhanced augmented print viewer into one device.  This technological enhancement coincides with today’s debut of the Sports Illustrated Magazine app for the iPhone.  Previously, the Sports Illustrated Magazine smartphone app was available exclusively for Android smartphones.

This new technology is on full display with the SI NCAA Basketball Tournament Preview set to hit newsstands today. Readers can use their smartphone to scan the cover gatefold in order to view six computer-generated images “floating” over the cover image collage. Those images are clickable and will launch exclusive videos including one which announces Sports Illustrated’s College Basketball Players of the Year and another announcing SI’s Coaches of the Year.  Additional videos include:  SI Senior Writer Seth Davis’ providing an NCAA Tournament preview; a compilation of fan videos; SI’s stories of the year and a feature on great moments from the 2011-12 season.

“So often the conversation about technology revolves around new devices.  What we’re really excited about is the potential to use technology to bring print pages to life in surprising ways,” said Terry McDonell, Time Inc. Sports Group Editor.

Read more about it here



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