Time for tip-off: Zach Lowe on covering the end of the NBA lockout

The unrest that held the NBA hostage left Zach Lowe (@ZachLowe_SI) chomping at the bit for the opportunity to write about X’s and O’s rather than labor negotiations. But he admits that, with the end of the lockout, transitioning back to straight basketball writing won’t be seamless.

“I’m going to have to retrain my brain to watch the game and break it down,” he says. “There’s going to be some rust during those Christmas Day games as I try and remember what sets the Heat like to run.”

Such an adjustment period is understandable considering that Lowe’s blog, The Point Forward, was essentially a lockout news feed since the summer. For every piece such as the Top 100 NBA players—a mix of informative facts and statistics that has become a Point Forward forte—Lowe had three to four stories updating readers on what was on the NBA negotiation table at any given time. All of that came to head on Saturday, at a time when most people were preparing for a restful Thanksgiving weekend.

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