Pat Summitt and Mike Krzyzewski honored at 2011 Sportsman of the Year celebration in New York

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Yesterday evening, Sports Illustrated honored Pat Summitt and Mike Krzyzewski as the 2011 Sportswoman and Sportsman of the Year at a ceremony at the IAC Building in New York City. Joining them at the ceremony were five of their fellow Sportswomen and Sportsmen: Chris Evert (1976), Sugar Ray Leonard (1981), Wayne Gretzky (1982), David Robinson (2003) and David Ortiz (2004).

After opening speeches from the Time Inc. Sports Group’s editor (Terry McDonell) and president (Mark Ford), the awards presentation was turned over to the emcee for the evening, senior writer and TV/radio host Dan Patrick (@dpshow). Patrick introduced the mentors for Summitt and Krzyzewski, both of whom are proud alums of the school’s at which the two coaches ply their trade: former Lady Vols star Michelle Marciniak (Tennessee Class of 1996) and TV talk show host and journalist Charlie Rose (Duke Class of 1964). Marciniak recalled the lessons that Summitt imparted on her during her time in Knoxville, while Rose spoke to the system Krzyzewski has in place at Duke that inspires his players to achieve greatness.

When Summitt accepted the award she was joined by her son Tyler – a walk-on guard for Tennessee’s men’s team – who expressed admiration for his mother’s modesty even as she continues to set the bar in women’s college basketball. During his turn to speak, Krzyzewski expressed how remarkable it was for Summitt to continue coaching even after her diagnosis earlier this year with early-onset dementia while also thanking his family and his players for helping him enjoy the success he has had at Duke.


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